See you in a bit, mama!

I’m feeling overwhelmed with joy right now. Seriously. Do you know how it feels like being away from your mom for 5 years? 

As I was walking down the streets from work to home, I was smiling like an idiot and I really thank those ‘few’ streetlights and credits to those people who are not on the street passing by. 

I’m excited. Or extremely excited, perhaps. At first, I was really hesitant to want to see my mom. I can imagine myself being awkward as crap around her because I know I can’t just tag along her. 

I know it will take a whole lot of time for me to adjust with everything. Those times when I needed her physically, she wasn’t there because she’s abroad. During my pre-teen years. And now, in just a few hour (i’m counting down), she’ll be here and ugh my room is so messy and I know my mama won’t allow it to be ‘everyday’ messy. Well, add my little pancake brother and it will mean war. 


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