My Experience as a Candidate of the Recent Miss Bikini Philippines 2017

It has been months since I last wrote about something. And what I want to share right now is dear to my heart. Ladies and gents, I want to share my experience as a candidate of the recent Miss Bikini Philippines 2017.

I never knew that I would be a part of a pageant that big. I never knew that I would get to know those beautiful ladies from the different sides of my country and even outside of it. And I never knew that being a beauty queen is not easy, yet it is fun and enchanting.

When I first stepped in the Diamond Hotel Philippines as an official candidate of MBP 2017, I thought to myself, ‘This is it. No backing out”. And clearly, I don’t want to back out, of course. Considering all the hardships that my Tita Jo and I went through for this pageant to be possible for me (because I don’t have a manager or agency to handle me and everything was self-support).

The first two days was, easy. Easy because we’re not that busy. I remember when Pauline, my co-candidate from Laguna, still managed to eat at McDonalds Glorietta before the rehearsal of our opening number for the press launch (held last May 9, 2017, I miss you, teacher Pauline!) And the next day, I was with Nicole, a Fil-Aussie fashion model, my co-candidate from Australia. Since we were representing the same Slimmers World center, which is the Pasay Road, we both went to Glorietta after rehearsals for our creative posing (thanks to our gorgeous Miss Diane, SW Pasay Road’s manager, she’s lit!) and skin treatments to go window shopping, or shop if we ever find something nice. I remember she has bought packs of candies like Nerds and other sweets because she believes that it will help her to be awake for the rest of the night, which is needed. Lol. I miss you, Nicow Wotts!

The next days were medium to hard. It was tough. But the word behind tough was joy. I believe that all of us were still happy with what we’re doing, we have to. We did a lot of Slimmers World center visitations. Like, for one day, we would visit two to three centers of SW. Then we would go for a parade (the parade actually depends on the location of the SW Center) the we’d perform our MBP jingle, self-introductions, games with the clients and staff, do aero dance, and my most favorite part, the snack prepared by the center we’re at. We got used to quick outfit change. From the 6-inch Bragais to our white rubbershoes then back to the 6-inch Bragais and so on and so forth. Then after our center visitations, we’d go to SW Pasay Road for the rehearsals and workshop (that would last until 12mn approx).

We also did some TV guestings. The first one was in Eat Bulaga (Baby Baste was darn cute I wanna take him home) and the other one was in Showtime. But neither of the two were guested by all of us.

Now let’s go down to my co-candidates. At first, of course, I thought I would not get to know all of them. But, guess what? I did. I’m not good at names. I won’t memorize your name on the first day, or the second, or the third. Well, maybe it depends upon the situation or it depends on how catchy you are to me. Lol. So, going back to my co-candidates, they were all beautiful. They were beautiful in their own ways. But sometimes, girls are girls- unless they became women. But I was thankful I had a nice set of roommates. But I still did some sneaking. Lol. I slept with Jhe, Pauline, Weam, and Natalie- they were the real roommates until one night, Nicole and I hopped in. Haha. That was a night to remember. We even agreed on having a Jollibee delivery! And Nicole paid for it. Sweet girl. Haha! That was prohibited, though. The fastfood delivery. Because we’re supposed to eat only healthy food. Those girls are lit. Sending some hugs!

The reason why I wrote this is because I miss everything about MBP 2017. My ladies, the staffs, the food, the rehearsals– everything. The first thing I learned about this pageant is, if you are given a chance to do something, give it your best shot. Give your all. Because you are given only one chance. And if ever you still didn’t make it, you’re still the wonderful person you are before that opportunity- and more fascinating! Next is, be beautiful- inside and out… always. It is essential. It is what makes you human. It is what makes the people around you remember you. The other one is, never expect. Never, ever, do that. Because if an opportunity is really for you, it will be given to you- without you knowing it. If it is an angel in disguise or if it is God-given, no one can ever steal that from you. There’s this saying in Tagalog, Kung para sa’yo, para sa’yo. Not every chance or every opportunity is to be grabbed. Maybe some are, because it is God’s way of teaching us a lesson so that we can be the person He wants us to become. 


Center visit at Slimmers World-Binondo

Lol. We’re not all informed about the footwear. That’s why some wore our official Bragais shoes and some wore our white shoes, including I. Haha.

Press launch at Diamond Hotel Philippines last May 9, 2017.

Meet and Greet at Slimmers World-Caloocan.

Had a great fun with the games they prepared. I remember we’re really surprised of the number of people that was waiting for us there. Felt very welcomed!

Meet and Greet at Slimmer World-Pasay Road (my beloved center)

Nicole on the far left, a staff in our middle, and.. the haggard me!

Grand Coronation Night at Resorts World Manila last May 12, 2017

This was the night of laughter and tears. And the night I sneaked out again. 

Humbled to wear this Made to Measure by JC Buendia.
So that’s it!
This is Shani Basbas, you’re aspiring beauty queen and news anchor. Until my next blog post!


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